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Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay is a beautiful little town nestled in the Canadian Boreal Forest along the banks of Lake Superior. Framed by the most beautiful landscapes on the north shore, there is so much to explore in this lively community.

Terrace Bay offers a variety of attractions and activities for visitors. Whether you are looking for nature, adventure, culture, or relaxation, Terrace Bay has something for you. Come and experience Terrace Bay’s Superior Six: the Aguasabon Falls, Casque Isles Hiking Trail, Slate Islands Provincial Park, Terrace Bay Lighthouse and Beach, and the Aguasabon Golf Course.

You can enjoy the scenic views, sandy beaches, and clear waters of this majestic lake. You can also explore the Slate Islands Provincial Park, a group of islands that are home to caribou, bears, wolves, and other wildlife. You can reach the islands by boat, kayak, or canoe from Terrace Bay.

It is a hiker’s paradise, with trails that range from easy to challenging. You can hike the Casque Isles Trail, a 53-km trail that follows the rugged coastline of Lake Superior and passes through forests, cliffs, and waterfalls. You can also hike the Aguasabon Falls and Gorge, a spectacular cascade that drops 100 feet into a narrow canyon. The falls are accessible by a short walk from the parking lot, or you can take a longer hike along the river.

Visit the Terrace Bay Lighthouse, a replica of the original lighthouse that was built in 1947. The lighthouse offers a panoramic view of the lake and the town. You can also enjoy the local cuisine, art, and music at the various restaurants, cafes, and shops in Terrace Bay.

Terrace Bay is a relaxing destination, with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. You can find a range of accommodation options, from motels and hotels to bed and breakfasts and cottages. You can also enjoy the amenities and services of the town, such as the golf course, the swimming pool, the library, and the community centre. Terrace Bay is a place where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of nature.

Contact Info:

Phone: 807-825-3315
Website: https://visitterracebay.ca/
P.O. Box 40, 1 Selkirk Avenue Terrace Bay, ON P0T 2W0