Waterfalls of the Lake Superior Circle Tour

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September 30th, 2017

It is no secret that some of the greatest waterfalls come from the Lake Superior area. With the abundance of rivers and streams flowing into it, and the diverse landscape surrounding it, the waterfalls on the Lake Superior Circle Tour are something you won’t want to miss. To order the official Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide Click Here.

Superior Country

Kakabeka Falls

Located on the Kaministiquia River in the Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park. At 40 meters high, Kakabeka Falls is the second highest waterfall in Ontario. A boardwalk wraps around the top of the falls providing an excellent view. Kakabeka Falls has year-round viewing.

Rainbow Falls

Made up of several different drops of 10 to 20 feet, this waterfall is located in the Rainbow Falls Provincial Park. This waterfall is easy to access as well, and is impressive when the water levels are higher. This waterfall, fed by Whitesand lake, loses some of its power during the summer months. However, it is still worth the visit.

Aguasabon Falls

Located just outside of Terrace Bay, Ontario, Aguasabon Falls is 110 meters high. Easily accessible, and especially impressive when the water is high, this waterfall is a great stop on the Lake Superior Circle Tour. The main viewing dock faces the side of the falls and the gorge.

Mink Creek Falls

Located west of Marathon, Ontario. Mink Creek Falls is approximately 35 meters high, and is just off of highway 17. If you don’t know about it, this waterfall is easily overlooked.

High Falls

Located in Wawa, this easy to visit waterfall is a must see. At 75’ this waterfall is easily accessible by a gravel road. The road will take you to the bottom of the falls. These falls are almost always impressive not matter what time of the year you visit.


Batchawana Falls

At approximately 15 meters high, this waterfall is located just south of the Batchawana Bay Provincial Park. Located off the highway, you will have to travel on a fairly rough road to get to this waterfall.

Chippewa Falls

Located north of Sault. Ste. Marie, this waterfall is visible from the road. There is a small park there, and is a great place to take a break from driving. There are many different levels to the falls, and because of its easy access, you are even able to climb up the sides of it.

Crystal Falls

A fairly small waterfall, but easily accessible. At just around 50’ this is one of the smaller waterfalls, but not less impressive by any means. There is a bridge across the top of the falls that is part of the Voyageur Trail, and because of its easy access you can also climb along the sides of the falls to get better looks.


Michigan is said to have over 200 named waterfalls. Lots of them can be considered rapids, but none will disappoint you. Those on the circle tour are sure to impress with their easy access, and impressive flow no matter when you visit.

Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls is the largest waterfall in Michigan, and in terms of volume it is in the top 5 waterfalls east of the Mississippi River. Located in the Tahquamenon State Park, this waterfall is a bit out of the way, however, the spectacular view makes it well worth the trip. The park has three different sites: the upper falls, the lower falls and the rivermouth campsite. At a height of 50’, Tahquamenon Falls is one you wont want to miss.

Miners Falls

After Munising Falls, this is the most easily accessible of the Pictured Rocks waterfalls. Located in the Picture Rocks National Lake Shore, this is a very impressive waterfall. The hike to the falls is around 20 minutes, and the path is nice, with stairs at the end.

Eagle River Falls

A very impressive road side waterfall. There is a roadside park with a pedestrian bridge that provides a great view of the falls.

Manabezho Falls

The largest waterfall on the last mile of the Presque Isle River. This waterfall is easily visited from the trail entrance in the Porcupine Mountains State Park. There are trails on both sides of the river where the falls can be viewed nicely. There is also an overlook at the top of the falls, but you can’t see much from it.


Some of the most spectacular waterfalls in Wisconsin are located on the south shore of Lake Superior. Including Big Manitou Falls, the highest waterfall in Wisconsin, this area of the Circle Tour is sure to impress with the abundance of easily accessible waterfalls.

Lost Creek Falls

One of the smaller waterfalls, reaching only 15’ at its highest point, it is however very scenic. Accessible by a 2-mile hike through the woods south west of Cornucopia. This waterfall is fed by Lost Creek #1, and like most waterfalls it is more impressive in the spring when water levels are higher.

Big Manitou Falls

Located in Pattison State Park, this waterfall is the highest in Wisconsin. At 165’, Big Manitou Falls is sure to impress those who view it. Sourced from the Black River, this waterfall is extremely impressive at any time of the year, making it worth your time no matter what time you decide to stop and visit.

Little Manitou Falls

At a height of 30’, Little Manitou Falls is certainly little in comparison to Big Manitou. Located just upstream from Big Manitou Falls, both are easily accessible in the Pattison State Park. Little Manitou Falls is a pretty waterfall, although not nearly as large as Big Manitou below.  It is a few miles up stream, however unlike the big falls, you can get right next to it.

Potato Falls

One of the most impressive waterfalls in all of Wisconsin, not just on the southern shore of Lake Superior. At 90’ high, this impressive waterfall is one you wont want to miss. With the Potato River as its source, this waterfall is located in Gurney, Wisconsin. The surrounding area provides lots of opportunities for exploration, and there is also a smaller upper falls that is equally as impressive as Potato Falls.

Morgan Falls

Despite being fairly remote, this waterfall is easy to access. With only a 1.2 kilometer round trip hike, this tall and thin waterfall will not disappoint you. There is now a $5 fee to visit the area, but this 70’ high waterfall is definitely worth it.


The land of 10,000 lakes. Minnesota does not have nearly as many waterfalls as some other parts of the circle tour, however the few they do have are sure to amaze.

Gooseberry Falls

An easily accessible waterfall that is about 35’ high. Located in Gooseberry Falls State Park there is only a short walk to access these falls. The lower and middle falls are also a short walk from the top portion. Overall, these waterfalls you wont want to miss!

High Falls

One of the highest waterfalls in Minnesota, it is sure to impress. Located in Tettegouche State Park, this waterfall is 100’ in height, and is one of highlights and many things to see and do in Tettegouche State Park.

Cross River Falls

This waterfall can be seen from the road, and is one of the more impressive roadside falls. It is located in the Cross River Falls Wayside Park in Schroeder.

Devil’s Kettle Falls

A one mile hike will take you to this easy-to-find waterfall in Judge Magney State Park. At 50’ in height, this waterfall is actually quite unusual. It splits into two, where one part lands at the base of the falls, and the other goes into what is known as the devil’s kettle, where no one actually knows what happens. Some say that the water ends up in Lake Superior through underground passages, but despite multiple tests to prove it, nothing has come out of it. This is for sure one you wont want to miss!

High Falls of Pigeon River

This is a very accessible waterfall. Located on the USA/Canada border in Pigeon River State/Provincial Park, it comes in at around 120’. This waterfall can also be reached from the Grand Portage State Park. The provincial park is reduced to a day use park only. Sourced from the Pigeon River, this waterfall will not disappoint.

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