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Nipigon River Bear Hunt

Located on the North Shore of Lake Superior Hwy 17, Nipigon Ontario, Canada, Nipigon River Bear Hunt is owned and operated by Bobby Bearman.

Born and raised in the great North, Bobby’s passion for the outdoors was introduced early on from being taught by his father and friends alike how to hunt, fish and trap, spending much of his childhood being raised as a true outdoorsman. Bobby took his passion, knowledge and experience to make it a lifelong career, officiating Nipigon River Bear Hunts in Northern Ontario in 1980. Now at 42 years in operation, Nipigon River Bear Hunts is known far and wide by many for the superior experience Bobby showcases his guests. For an unforgettable Northern Ontario bear hunting experience, choose Nipigon River Bear Hunts with Bobby Bearman.

Services offered include:

Bear Hunting

In Northern Ontario you can begin bear hunting in early May until mid June. Experience a highly active spring bear hunt as they emerge from their dens after hibernation to forage for food. Through Nipigon River Bear Hunts opportunities for clients to obtain their bear hunting dreams are ample with the strategic guidance Bobby puts forth.

Come mid August until the end of October the hunt is on again for black bears. As they prepare for winter hibernation, the fall bear hunts are exceptionally known for massive bears with beautifully thick, luscious coats. Whether it be spring or fall the option of both gun and bow hunting is available to Canadian and non-resident hunters to suit the preference of all.

Moose Hunting

Another highly desired and well-known venture are the moose hunts. From mid October to mid December for Canadian residents and mid October to mid November for non-residents. Moose hunting in Northern Ontario is available for both gun and bow. Bobby encourages both guided and drop-in packages for moose hunting through Nipigon River Bear Hunts.

Wolf Hunting

For winter hunting in Northern Ontario the opportunities to score highly sought after timber wolves are highly favorable. Choose to have a fully guided tour with Bobby or a drop-in wolf hunt. Being one of the longest open seasons in Northern Ontario wolf hunting popularity has grown exponentially, running from mid September to the end of March.

Wilderness Trapline tours (guided by Bob Bearman)

Experience a wilderness journey learning the practices of trapping beaver, fisher, marten, mink, weasel etc.


Contact Info:

Phone: 807-887-4091
Website: http://www.nipigonriverbearhunt.com
HWY 11 RR#1 Nipigon, ON P0T2J0