Nor’Wester Route

Starting in the city of Thunder Bay, this 555-614 km (344-380 miles) route will take you through the beautiful mountains and natural forestry of the Canadian Shield. Using Thunder Bay as your starting point, you will leave the city going west on Highway 17 (TransCanada) and up to your first stop, the stunning sight of Kakabeka Falls. This 40-meter (130-foot) nautral beauty is the perfect place to stop and stretch your legs before continuing down the open road and onto the rest of your route. From here you continue your journey on Highway 17 (TransCanada) and continue on through Dryden to Kenora. While visiting Kenora you can visit the famous Husky the Muskie and walk the shores of Lake of the Woods. Leaving Kenora you will travel West on Highway 17 (TransCanada) and turn south onto Highway 71 where you will pass through Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls, until you reach Highway 11 (TransCanada) where you will turn left and travel through Fort Frances, and make your way back to Thunder Bay via Highway 11/17 (TransCanada).