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Schreiber Railway Museum

The Schreiber Rail Array Museum is located in Schreiber, ON. This museum highlights the community’s background as one of the oldest railway community on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It is the home of many CP Rail antiques, documents and treasures. It contains the history of both Schreiber and the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Schreiber was first founded in the 1880’s as a railway construction camp. Originally named Isbester’s landing, the town later was named after a railway engineer, Sir Collingwood Schreiber. It became a terminal for the C.P.R. The Schreiber Railway Museum is a must see for all railway enthusiasts, history lovers, and anyone with ties to the town of Schreiber.

Contact Info:

Phone: 807-824-2278
Website: http://schreiberrailwaymu.wixsite.com/schreiber-museum
602 Winnipeg St. Schreiber, ON