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Spruce Forest Lakeside B&B

This is a brand new B&B in a spectacular secluded spot on Hicks Lake 30 minutes up Hwy 527 (Spruce River Road that goes to Armstrong, where the Hyers have another B&B, Very nice!

Very impressive. Had a chance enjoy the Spruce Forest B&B and to savour an excellent breakfast by Bruce!The B&B has two sets of complementary strengths. First among the first set is that it just the right distance from the city. That means about a 30 minute drive from Hwy 11-17. It also means there are hardly any buildings of any sort for most of that trip. It’s a short ride to the wilderness here! All on a freshly paved road. Close to town shopping and restaurants.

It has lots of frontage on the beautiful lake – so real beach and docks. Good fishing! Trees and more trees so you hardly notice your neighbours – and there are only a few of them all told. Quite private! This is quite a big lake so there’s lots of room to explore, and most of it is pristine wilderness. Or there’s lots of lake to fish in – or whatever your priorities are!

You can expect the night skies to be outstanding. Views of the Milky Way so much clearer than anyone near even a small town will ever see. This late summer and fall this year have provided some magnificent displays of the northern lights even in the city. Yes, you will sometimes see moose and may even hear wolves.

The second set of strengths is about the buildings. No ageing log cabin here – the B&B itself is a new 1200 sq. ft. home. It has all the traditional cottagey feel and décor inside. Great views, very nice fireplace. But it also has all the same conveniences you have back home. Feels like the painters left just last week. There’s a free-standing wonderful sauna in the yard and a “garage” full of necessities – like boats, canoes, and kayaks.

I will be going back for a longer visit soon!

Neul Nelson, from Thunder Bay Ontario 30 October 2016



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