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March 2nd, 2024

In the beautiful region of Superior Country, you can find plenty of adventure on two wheels. From coastal riding to trekking through the Northern woods, the routes and trails cyclists have at their fingertips while cycling Superior Country are those filled with memories, exploration, and unforgettable views!


With the help of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trails, below are details on each cycling route in some of the communities along Lake Superior’s North Shore so that you have all of the information you need to have the cycling Superior Country trip of a lifetime.

Wawa Lake Lollipop

The first stop on the cycling Superior Country adventure, described as a “breezy loop from the quiet shores of Lake Wawa,” you will explore the municipality of Wawa’s best parts in 3.4-7 km/2.1-4.3 mi (1-2 hours) in total. The following details will be told from the official starting point to its finish. That said, you can always start wherever your heart desires and finish as you please. In terms of a cyclists experience they may need for this ride, you must be alright with riding alongside traffic as most of the loop is on secondary streets and the main street through town.

First, you will start on the shore of Wawa Lake, specifically Dr. Rose’s Beach. Here, you can walk in the sand and dip your feet into the refreshing water, and have a nice little picnic before or after your ride. From here, you head towards Lions BeachFront and the Mine Driller Memorial. With a view of the lake that will carve a place permanently in your memory, there is also an interpretive area where you can learn about local history and the mining that took place there.

Moving on from the Lion’s Beach Front, you come to the famous Wawa Goose. If you’re going to see anything from Wawa, let it be their renowned goose. It is a Superior Country favourite and overlooks the stunning mountain range of the boreal forest. Gaze out into a sea of glorious green trees and rocky peaks that will leave you remembering this view for the rest of your ride.

From there, you’re on your way to downtown Wawa, a Great Lakes Waterfront Trail recommended stop for you to walk around and browse the hard-working local shops and restaurants, where you can eat at the local favourite, The Viking. Finishing off the loop from the community’s downtown streets, you will find yourself right back at the Wawa beach, where you can once again enjoy the cool water and stretch your legs with its stunning boardwalk. This Wawa Lake Lollipop ride is a true cycling Superior Country adventure! 

Marathon Loop & Carden Cove Cruise

In the township of Marathon, with its stunning Lake Superior shores and diverse terrain true to the cycling Superior Country fashion, there are two different biking routes for you. The first is the Marathon Loop, which takes you through Penn Lake and Pebble Beach, and then there’s Carden Cove, which takes you from Pebble Beach to Carden Cove Beach. Regarding the skill level of these rides, you need to have a level of comfort riding with traffic for the Marathon Loop Route and have the means and ability to ride on a rough gravel road if you wish to cycle the Carden Cove Cruise.

Marathon Loop

This route is about 7.1 km (4.4 mi) in total, with many great stops. First, you will start your ride at the beautiful and famous Pebble Beach. True to its name, the shore is full of pebbles of all shapes, sizes, and colours that are smooth to the touch by the hands of beautiful Lake Superior. It also recently got a new viewing platform to gaze out into the horizon, where the water blends into the sky. It is a truly unforgettable destination!

From Pebble Beach, you head towards a tunnel beneath the local railway, where you must dismount to make your way through. Once you emerge, you will find yourself at the serenity of Penn Lake Park. Take in the calm spring-fed lake and the beautiful fresh greenery surrounding it. A perfect place for a stop to stretch your legs, have a picnic, or enjoy the short and mostly flat trail that follows the banks of this gorgeous lake.

From there, you head through the downtown Marathon where you can stop for some local food to bring back to Pebble Beach for a picnic with a view!

Carden Cove Cruise

This ride, 12.6 km (7.8 mi) in total, takes you through Marathon and into the glorious wilderness of Superior Country. Much like the last, this ride starts at Pebble Beach, where you can enjoy the cool, refreshing air from the Great Lake and its view.

From there, you will ride the Carden Cove Road Gravel Grind. This mostly unpaved road will be a journey through the sweet smelling Northern forest, where you’ll be shaded by the canopies and surrounded by its peaceful quiet. From the forested road, you will be led to Carden Cove Beach. A stunning sandy shore where you can take a dip in the refreshing waters and listen to the hush of the waves. If you want to explore even more, there is a 4.7 km (2.9 mi) hike named and inspired by the Group of Seven.

Then, you can hop back on your bike and return to Pebble Beach to finish off the incredible Marathon Loop and Carden Cove Cruise ride!

Terrace Bay Lighthouse Run

The quaint little town of Terrace Bay has a stunning view of Lake Superior, a kind community, and a great cycling Superior Country experience you won’t want to miss. The cycling route you’ll find in Terrace Bay takes you through all of its best parts, including the Terrace Bay Beach and its famous lighthouse. The loop is a total length of 4.7 km (2.9 mi). Regarding experience level, you must be okay with cycling next to traffic, where most of this route is on secondary roads, and you will have to cross Highway 17.

Starting off, the route is on the stunning shores of Terrace Bay Beach. There are many opportunities to take in the soft sand, hear the waves crash, and take a peaceful stroll on their beautiful boardwalk. Before or after your ride, you can also hike their very short Red Chair Trail, which brings you through the northern woods and onto the rocks for an unforgettable view of Lake Superior.


From the beach and crossing Highway 17, you’ll find yourself in downtown Terrace Bay. Here, you will be able to take in the incredible view of Lake Superior from the infamous Terrace Bay Lighthouse. Climb the stairs to see Lake Superior sparkling under the sun and blending into the bright blue sky. While in Simcoe Square, I suggest you pick up some great food from the grocery store, Drifters, or Mo & Joe’s Lighthouse Variety to bring back with you to Terrace Bay Beach, your final destination for a fantastic picnic to end your amazing Terrace Bay Lighthouse ride!

Terrace Bay to Schreiber Beach

The last route in the cycling Superior Country adventure is the longest, at 38.7 km (24 mi), and requires you to ride on the shoulders of Highway 17 (TransCanada). It would help if you were comfortable cycling alongside traffic that is going at 90 km/hr and able to climb long uphill battles that the highway requires.

Starting at Terrace Bay Beach, warm your legs up by strolling on the stunning boardwalk and get a good stretch under the sun and in the warm sand. As you leave town, stop at Simcoe Plaza to climb the Terrace Bay Lighthouse and pick up whatever food you need to fulfill your journey. As you coast down the highway, make sure you’re stopping at all of the lookouts so that you’re able to take in the unforgettable sight of sparkling Lake Superior and the islands and mountains that surround it.

As you come up to Schreiber, exit Highway 17 and turn onto Ontario Street, cycle through town and stop at Breeze Bakery to pick up a nice lunch.. After picking up your delicious snack, head down the windy road towards the beach and look up to see the breathtaking sight of Lake Superior in all its glory. As you get closer and closer to shore, you’re greeted with the refreshing breeze from the chilly waters and the crashing waves. Find a picnic table to enjoy your snack and take it in all the beauty of Schreiber Beach. While here, you can also check out the Red Chair Trail, a short hike leading to the rocky platforms where you can sit and relax in front of a beautiful body of water.

Heading back to Terrace Bay, you leave the little town of Schreiber and back onto Highway 17. On your way back, it is recommended that you stop at Aguasabon Falls and Gorge, where you can take in the rush of running water making its way to Lake Superior. Back on your bike, you’ll have Terrace Bay in your sights, where you can stop at Drifters Restaurant for a delicious well-earned, homemade meal. Riding the Terrace Bay to Schreiber Beach route will be one you won’t forget!

Go Out and Ride!

Cycling Superior Country is a special adventure, especially when mounted on two wheels! Enjoy every bit of your Superior Country cycling journey by taking in all you can. It will be a trip you won’t forget!