Top 10 Ways to Love Nipigon in the Winter

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January 15th, 2020

The Township of Nipigon is known for their natural edge and this is something that translates throughout ALL seasons. From scaling to the summit of an icy cliff face or fighting an epic size Northern Pike from our surrounding frozen waters, we will put you over the EDGE with excitement. In Nipigon, not only do we have natural beauty, but also many opportunities to experience and love winter. We will make sure to give you all the information necessary so when planning your trip to Nipigon you are fully prepared to make that leap into the snow, ice rink, hiking trail etc…


One of the best things about Nipigon is their variety of marked day hiking trails that can be done in the warmth of summer or in the crisp and beautiful winters. A lot of the trails have access to waterfalls that are just as great and sometimes better to view when frozen. For example, the Mazukama Falls trail is preferred by most in the heart of winter because the cascading streams freeze in gorgeous sheets that make a great photo op.  You can even climb or sit on them! There are plenty of wonderful trails you can hike or SNOWSHOE in the Nipigon area.


The thick snowfall that we experience every year is perfect for snowshoeing! Some of the best views can be seen after a good snowshoe in the surrounding areas. The hiking trails that we feature on the Township of Nipigon’s website can be done with snowshoes as they have proper signage and are just as great in the winter. We listed the Mazukama Falls trail above but there are so many more. For more information please click the HERE

Winter Carnival

Nipigon has some exciting winter activities occurring during their very own Winter Carnival. Hosted by our Culture & Recreation department, and many volunteers, there is something for everyone throughout the week. You can follow everything that’s happening on the Nipigon Community Center’s Facebook page as updates on upcoming events will be posted on the schedule. Most popular are the indoor mini-stick tournaments, skating races, shoot outs, a public bonfire to warm up those cold toes, and of course – the turkey toss!

Make sure to follow the Nipigon Community Center for updates on all things winter carnival.


One activity that is done very often in the community is skating. Whether that be for hockey, shinny, figure skating, or just public skating with family and friends our ice rink is a hot spot… figuratively of course. The Nipigon Community Center offers an ice rink where you can pay daily rates to use for any of the options listed above. Their rates and schedules can be found on the official webpage

Not only can you skate yourself, but you can also enjoy some great hockey games as minor and adult tournaments are consistently held at the arena and every Friday night at 7:30 pm during the winter months the Nipigon Elks Jr. B plays

Cross Country Skiing

Another great option is cross country skiing. It’s a great way to get out and be active while taking in the gorgeous scenery. Here in the community we are lucky to have the Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Club who ensures we have great trails open for the winter season. They have over 12 kilometres of groomed trails for all levels of skiers from beginner to expert. There is proper signage and the trail head is located approximately 100 metres down the Golf Course Road off highway 11/17, just west of Nipigon proper. For more information on the Rendezvous Cross Country Ski Club and skiing trails please visit their official web page

Ice Fishing

The Township of Nipigon is already known as a destination fishing location, but did you know this applies year-round?   Set up your portable ice hut or hire an outfitter for the day!  Outfitters can provide transportation, a hut with fire place, and have holes pre-drilled for you.  All for a very reasonable price.

Ice Climbing

 This ice climbing festival is one of the most unique winter events in Northwestern Ontario, and one of the premiere ice climbing events in Canada. This year’s Ice Fest will be held the March 4th weekend.  Climbers and those interested in learning, gather in Nipigon and then set off to climb Nipigon in the area, usually at Orient Bay and Kama Bay.  The Saturday clinics (beginner to advanced) culminate in a delicious dinner and presentations from guest speakers.  This celebration of all things “ice” usually goes well into the evening.

Space is limited for the clinics, so register now to avoid disappointment.  For more information you can head over to their official website or their Facebook page @nipigonicefest


When you think of wintertime as a child, so many of us have memories of running up the same hill over and over to get the thrill of sliding right back down on the icy snow packed slope.  For your efforts, you are often rewarded with a face full of the cold stuff.   Whether you prefer a toboggan or crazy carpet, Nipigon has a variety of hills that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Winter sports are another great way to enjoy the season while being healthy and active.  The Nipigon Curling Club is a great place to go and test out your sweeping skills, socialize, and even bring out your competitive spirit. The Township of Nipigon has a long-standing history with this winter sport as they are home to Curling Champion Al Hackner and recently hosted the Northern Ontario Curling championships.   After your game, enjoy a beer and a heaping plate of nachos at Crabby’s Sports Bar & Grill located conveniently right in the Curling Club.


For those who love to enjoy winter from behind a frosty window in a warm cozy atmosphere, Nipigon has a variety of unique eateries. We already mentioned Crabby’s as a great place to get together with friends and watch the big game on their big screens.  If a quiet, laid back atmosphere is more for you, enjoy a bowl of steaming soup and a homemade bun at La Luna Café.  Looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoy a high-end meal?  Sip a glass of wine and dine on pasta or prime rib in a bistro atmosphere at the Edgeview Restaurant.  For more information on these and other dining experiences, visit their Facebook pages or check out our business listings on our website.

Some establishments may have reduced hours for the season so make sure to check their updated hours of operation on their Facebook Pages.