Fishing with Kids

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February 22nd, 2022

Fishing with kids can be so much fun! It is a great spring and summer activity to do as a family. Here are 10 tips to make your family fishing memories easy and fun.

Family Fishing

1. Practice makes perfect

Casting can be tricky when kids are starting out. Show them how to do it properly and have them practice as much as they can. Casting is a fun skill that can be done from shore, a dock or on a boat. Once they get the hang of it, they will be casting for hours.

Learning to cast

2. Weather

When out on any lake make sure you always check the weather. Get the ‘windy’ app and check the weather as much as possible before going out. You don’t want the kids to be scared in big waves when the boat is pounding and water splashing. Choose a calm sunny day so you can focus on the fish and the fun.

Nice waters

3. Know Where You Are Going

Make sure you know where you are going or with someone who does. You do not want to hit shoals or bottom and wreck your prop and/or cause damage to your boat. The day is always better when you are a confident captain and parent.

Load of fishing gear!

4. Gear

Make sure you have all your boat and fishing gear, food, and drinks before you go. Always wear a life jacket, set a good example while fishing with

Some Essentials

– Life jackets for everyone
– Fishing rods
– Line, tackle, bait
– Net
– Paddles
– Gas
– Lunch, snacks, water
– Cooler
– Fishing license

5. Stay Warm

Bring plenty of extra layers of clothing and a blanket. The weather is usually cooler out on the lake. Don’t forget your hat, sunscreen, and polarized shades.

6. Take a swim

If the weather is nice, stop for a swim. Bring your towel. Jump off the boat or swim at a sandy beach, which leads to our next tip.

Lake Superior Swim

7. Explore a beach

There are so many beautiful sandy beaches that you can pull up to shore on including on islands. It’s a great way to stretch your legs, walk or run around. This will also give the kids an opportunity to cast from shore and have a campfire. Building a fort from driftwood is always a favorite.

Driftwood Fort

8. Fishing

Whether you are out on a big lake or at an inland lake fishing, in Superior Country there is always opportunity for fun. Each species of fish is unique in the experience of reeling it in. Check your rules and regulations for what species are in season and the limit.

Blake with fish

9. Shore lunch

So delicious! Who doesn’t love to eat fresh battered fish over the campfire or a Coleman stove?

10. Take photos

Charge your phone and take your amazing fishing photos. You will have these forever to look back on. Don’t forget to take videos!