Northern Ontario’s Bass Fishing Haven

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July 4th, 2022

Conveniently located just 35 miles from the US Pigeon River Border Crossing, Whitefish Lake is an angler’s haven. Don’t let the name fool you, Whitefish Lake is known for its abundant population of various fish species. Especially smallmouth bass fishing! Spanning 11.7sqm and ranging in depths from 5ft to 22ft, the lake has attracted anglers from all over the world to experience premium Northern Ontario fishing.

The majority of Superior Country lakes are known for the deep depths and cold water; however, Whitefish Lake is opposite. Most of the lake ranges from depths of 5-10 feet, making it a primal habitat for bass. Weed beds around the perimeter stretch out into the shallow areas providing preferable habitat and feeding grounds for the sought-after species. It’s no wonder Whitefish Lake draws such attention for bass fishing.


James Linder and Jake Wallace with Linder’s Angling Edge took to Superior Country’s Whitefish Lake on a multi-species endeavor. With no surprise, they were left impressed with the action they saw! They express their admiration for the lakes ability to inhabit such a large population of smallmouth bass. “The quality of the bass in this lake is really incredible!”.  James goes on to explain the benefit of Whitefish Lake in that the shallow waters encompassed throughout it creates a large “food shelf” area, making it perfect for reeling in one after another.

Along with supreme smallmouth bass fishing, Whitefish Lake is also home to an abundant population of walleye, northern pike, and jumbo perch. The lake is so sustainable in fish populations, it can maintain a 100 perch limit! One of the only few lakes in Northern Ontario able to do so! The walleye caught in this lake maintain 29-30 inches in length with girthy bodies. If anglers don’t return for the bass, they’ll surely return for the trophy sized walleye.

bass fishing oles adventure resort

Located on this bass haven lake is Ole’s Adventure Resort, an all-in-one location for everyone to enjoy the pristine Whitefish Lake. Offering top to bottom amenities and services for all those who visit, Ole’s impresses all those who visit – including James Linder and Jake Wallace.

Bass Fishing Oles Adventure Resort

From fully functional and equipped cabins to a serviced campground – there are accommodations to suit all needs and preferences. The RV Park and campground features 30-amp services on spacious and well-maintained lots, Ole’s entire grounds are fully accessible and pet friendly for all to enjoy. They cater to daily, weekly, and seasonally visitors.

Ole's Adventure Resort

Along with the camping area, they offer rentals for their multiple on site, fully equipped cabins. Guests can plan to stay in groups of up to 10 in some cabins, making it a perfect choice for group ventures! The cabins offer you a home away from home experience featuring fully furnished interiors with functional kitchens, covered and furnished patios, cookware, and everything down to the cutlery!

Ole's Adventure Resort Accommodations

Utilize their live bait, gas, and boat launching / docking services to fully enjoy your fishing getaway in the comfort of your own watercraft! Or, rent a boat! Ole’s offer rentals for 17ft boats with 50 or 75hp motors. Visitors can be assured everything is provided for boat rentals from on-site fishing licenses, lifejackets, fish finders and live wells to accommodate to daily or weekly boat rentals.

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A guest favorite, situated at the resort is an enclosed fish house for visitors to clean, bag up or pre-prep their fish catches from the day! Also offered are fully guided day trips. With 30+ years of experience fishing Whitefish Lake, a trusted guide will teach you the safe, ethical, and a promising way to reel in fish after fish!

Northern Ontario’s Bass Haven, Whitefish Lake, has promised anglers memorable fishing trips for decades and continues to do so now. The unique lake structure, possession limits and location make it an ideal location for all. For fully equipped accommodations that suit the needs of all, Ole’s Adventure Resort will ensure your needs are met while bass fishing Whitefish Lake.