Thunder Bay Downhill Skiing

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February 8th, 2024

Winter in Thunder Bay is a long season, yes, but make no mistake, we LOVE the snow. Here, we luck out big time, with that fluffy white stuff piling up as early as November. It’s not just a pretty sight when it falls from the sky; it’s also a ticket to some serious fun. So, what kind of fun are we talking about? Well, we hit the slopes of the incredible Thunder Bay downhill skiing and snowboarding scene!

Thunder Bay is a skiing hub on the North Shore with two spectacular hills. Located on opposite sides of the city, Loch Lomond Ski Area and Mount Baldy are the kind of slopes you don’t want to miss. Here, we’ve got all of the crucial information on each hill so that you can get the most out of your Thunder Bay downhill skiing adventure. Let’s get into it!

Loch Lomond Ski Area

Located just ten minutes from the southern city limits of Thunder Bay, Loch Lomond Ski Area is a thrilling skiing and snowboarding location no matter what your skill level. With a total of 18 runs around the hill, it provides you with many options ranging from beginner to expert.

The available runs include the following: starting with beginner green, there are six in total, including the longest run at approximately 2.4 km (1.5 mi). The intermediate blues amount to four, as do the difficult black diamonds. Finally, three expert yellows are all located on the North side of the hill. You can find three different lifts all around, with a quad lift situated on the North face of the mountain and two double lifts on the South face.

As far as amenities go, there is a chalet at the base of the mountain with an upper and lower deck. It is equipped with a cafeteria that has drinks and food for whatever you feel like on the main level. On the top level there’s a licensed restaurant where you can enjoy an alcoholic drink and a meal with friends. The chalet also has ski shops, a retail shop, and ski and snowboard rental and repairs located on the bottom level.

Another great opportunity that Loch Lomond has to offer is lessons. If you’re a beginner who wants to try your hand at skiing or snowboarding, Loch Lomond offers lessons for both. Speaking firsthand, their instructors are amazing and kind, and they teach at whatever pace you’re comfortable with! And, if you would like to explore the mountain beneath winter stars and shining lights, Loch Lomond also offers great night skiing from Thursday to Friday!

For more information on Loch Lomond Ski Area such as hours, prices, or memberships, check out their website here!

Mount Baldy

Being one of Thunder Bay’s most popular skiing destinations, Mount Baldy’s varied terrain is for all skill levels of skiers and snowboarders alike. Across the mountain are ten runs that range from beginner to difficult. They also have an entire terrain park complete with rails and jumps for those with a knack for adrenaline.

The details of the ten runs around the mountain include three beginner green, three intermediate blue, and four difficult black diamond. Three lifts will take you up parts of the mountain, all different, and comprising a T-bar, a magic carpet, and a brand new quad lift. Their longest run is 1.6 km (1 mi) with a vertical rise of 475 feet (145 meters).

When it comes to amenities at Mount Baldy, they have a chalet at the base of the mountain with 3 levels to it. It’s got a canteen with delicious food and drinks which are both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, a picture window and a gorgeous, cozy fireplace. Not only that, but it’s also complete with a rental shop for any of your ski or snowboarding equipment needs.

Mount Baldy offers many fun experiences for their skiers and snowboarders, as on Friday and Saturday nights, they keep their hills open for night skiing. As the sun goes down, bright lights illuminate the mountain so you can take advantage of all the fun the ski/snowboarding season offers.

And, if you weren’t convinced enough, this hill is favored by local Olympic hopeful Mason Flye – can you ‘flye like an eagle?’ 

For more information on Mount Baldy prices, memberships, and hours check out their website here!

Time to Hit the Slopes!

Mount Baldy and Loch Lomond Ski Area are two hills you will love. Since they’re so close to each other, if you can’t decide which one to choose, feel free to spend the night in the beautiful city of Thunder Bay and experience what both hills offer!

The Thunder Bay downhill skiing experience is guaranteed to give you memories you will never forget. Can you hear it calling your name?