St. Sylvester’s Church

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May 18th, 2016

St. Sylvester’s Church was built in 1877, as a Jesuit Mission. The first recorded burial was October 3rd 1880. The graveyard is adjacent to the church and people are still buried there to this day. Although a historical landmark, the Church is no longer used as the building structure is unsafe.

The Red Rock Indian Band is currently developing a plan to upgrade and restore this historical landmark. The Red Rock Indian Band plans to document and map out all graves that are located at St. Sylvester’s church. After they have mapped out and marked all grave sites, they are going to level out the cemetery ground and mark each grave site with a new cross identifying each person buried there.

Once they have restored the cemetery grounds the Red Rock Indian Band will then move on to restoration and upgrading of St. Sylvester’s church infrastructure. This will include securing the building and footings, painting and replacing the current siding, new roofing, and cosmetic restoration on the inside.

The Red Rock Indian Band hopes to start this development by fall 2015, and will continue to work on restoring and upgrading this historical landmark with a completion date of summer 2016.