Fire & Ice Festival

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February 14th, 2020

Growing up in the region has given me so many unique memories that I realized over the years was not the norm for others. For example, a strong memory that comes back to me every winter is being SO bundled up I could barely walk and lots of whining and complaining about it would drive my parents crazy. However, none of that mattered once we got to the lake, my dad helped us put on our skates, and we’d glide across REAL ICE. You know that moment where you feel like you are just going through the motions in the midst of the winter blues but all of a sudden you get a warm sunny day and you could sit there with your face directed upward towards the sky forever. Well combine that kind of day, with a beautiful view of the snow covered lake, the company of your family, and the fun of skating over a real ice surface. What I remember to be “skating SO fast” probably looked like I was fast walking across the ice but my childlike wonder was picturing the fish keeping up with my pace just beneath me. I mean there was also a lot of sibling rivalry and competitiveness which may have resulted in one of us getting a face full of snow and my dad yelling from the camp to smarten up but nonetheless winter here along the North Shore is something special. 

Parks Canada (LSNMCA) wants to give you and your family these similar unique experiences that you will cherish forever. This family day come out to their Fire & Ice Festival at the Red Rock Marina where you too can tie up those skates and follow the cleared path of REAL ICE on the queen of the great lakes herself, Miss Superior. Enjoy the day from noon to 4.p.m and do what this holiday was created for… ensure quality time with your loved ones.  

Skate on the Lake

One of the joys as a kid growing up in northwestern Ontario is the unique things, we get to experience such as being snowed in like the movies or skating on a real ice. Well Parks Canada wants to help give those same experiences this Family Day at their Fire & Ice fest. Come and join us for a skate right on Lake Superior herself, where Parks Canada will have a path cleared awaiting your skates. After your skate be sure to warm up next to a toasty campfire or with some delicious hot chocolate.  

Snowshoe Obstacle Course

Of course, you can’t expect a family event without a little competition. Test your snowshoe skills in the snowshoe obstacle course…never snowshoed before? Even better use it as practice so you will only be more equipped to explore the area when wanting to embrace the north in the beauty of winter.

Winter Games

The best part about this day is there is something for everyone! Not only can you get your skate or snowshoe on, but you can look forward to a variety of winter games to participate in. Celebrate this cold but beautiful season and jump into the winter games just like you would in the biggest fluffiest pile of snow you could find. 

Snowflake Inspection Station

Always had an attention to detail? Want to be an investigator? Or maybe you just love the snow? Well test out your skills and inspect your very own snowflake. Parks Canada will be equipped at the site of the event with microscopes so you can inspect what makes the winter season so beautiful and fun.

Campfire Stories

The best thing about incorporating the queen of the great lakes in these events is the history and mystery she brings. A campfire and local stories about the Big Lake will also be offered to warm participants up before they head back out onto the ice!

The festival and all associated events are free of charge and are intended for people of all ages. Everyone is welcome to take part in this family-friendly outdoor day of activities.

If you are interested in learning more, or if you would like to speak to a festival organizer about this event, please contact 705-941-3201 or