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Lower Twin Lakes Lodge

Welcome to the serene Lower Twin Lakes Lodge, nestled in Nakina, Ontario’s northernmost settlement. This wilderness paradise offers unparalleled fishing experiences. The preservation of Pete’s Bay as a fish sanctuary has led to a thriving population of Walleye and Northern Pike in their lakes.

The lodge is also a prime location for hunting Black Bears and Moose. The landscape, marked by areas cleared by logging or burned by forest fires, provides ample nutrition for the Black Bears. The high Moose population results in outfitters in Nakina being issued more adult Bull Moose and Cow Moose tags than anywhere else in Ontario.

Their newly renovated housekeeping cabins offer a comfortable retreat for both fishing enthusiasts and hunters. These cabins are spacious, clean, and equipped with all necessary appliances and furniture. Their Fox Boro cabin is wheelchair accessible, and they have portable ramps available to make other cabins accessible for guests with physical challenges.

Their campground is ideally located, with Lower Twin Lake on one side and the Drowning River running along its length on another side. If you prefer a more rustic experience, you’re welcome to bring your tents or RVs instead of renting their cabins.

They’ve been diligently upgrading the camp to cater to the modern adventurer who seeks both comfort and thrill. Their high guest return rate is a testament to their continuous improvements in comfort, fishing, and hunting experiences. They invite you to join them in the extreme north for an unforgettable adventure amidst its stunning beauty.



Contact Info:

Phone: 1-888-336-5855
Website: https://www.lowertwinlakes.com
Lower Twin Lakes Lodge 44 Pocock Road Nakina, ON, CAN P0T 2H0