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Thousand Lakes Outposts

More Than Just a Fishing Trip!

A vacation at Thousand Lakes Outposts is much more than just a fishing trip.  Whether you arrive with a group of your closest friends or come with your whole family, you are sure to find that fly in fishing trips will provide you with some of the most memorable vacations you’ll ever have.

Your day may begin with the unmistakable call of the loon carried across the still early morning water and end with tall tales about the day’s fishing, but there is still so much to do to fill your day.  Take the boat, paddle down the river and catch the otters at play or scan the shoreline and see if you can find a cow moose feeding along with her calf.  Find a beaver dam and marvel at the incredible engineering feat before you as you watch the beaver at work.  Bring a pair of binoculars so you can see for yourself exactly what it is that the eagle swooped down for and caught.  When your stomach starts growling for something sweet, explore around a little and you’re likely to find wild strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries to help satisfy that craving.

Enjoy your break from the pressures of work, life, Blackberries, and telephones – make your fly in fishing trip fit YOUR idea of the perfect fishing vacation!

Thousand Lakes Outposts camps are located in the vast and rugged Boreal Forest area of Northwestern Ontario, an area well known for the thousands of pristine lakes dotting the landscape filled with walleye and northern pike.  The area also provides the perfect habitat to sustain high numbers of moose, providing hunters with excellent opportunities to bag the trophy of their dreams.

Thousand Lakes Outposts is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario, but all of the flying is done from Wabagimi Air near Armstrong, about a two and a half hour drive north of Thunder Bay.  The road is paved all the way and is a very scenic drive with lots of wildlife on the way.

The reputation of Kearns and Stonehouse Lakes as being two of the best fishing lakes in the region is best summed up by television host RD of the popular fishing show “The Rugged Dude”

Bear Hunting

Thousand Lakes Outposts have acquired shares in 2 Bear Management Areas (BMA’s) just north of Thunder Bay, Ontario.  The area is well known for quality bears and are well known for the quality of our moose hunting and moose camps. They bring that same dedication and superior tent camps to the bear hunt.  You will be provided active baits for each hunter as well as tree ladder stands, you’re welcome to bring your own for custom placement over the baits.

Choose a 7 day Archery or Rifle hunt.  Combination Archery Bear and Moose hunts can be arranged as well.  Combination hunts would be one week bear and one week moose hunting. Call for combination rates.

The hunts will be semi guided with maps and assistance to the hunting areas as well as tracking and retrieving the bear. The camps include a separate sleeping tent with large Cabbalas cots, a cooking tent that is fully equipped with propane stove and all the cookware. The camp is powered by a generator for lights, freezer and charging equipment. There is hot and cold running water for a shower and a sink for doing dishes.  You bring your food, drink, hunting gear, and sleeping bag.

Moose Hunting

Choose your hunt: Archery, Rifle,  FLY-IN or DRIVE IN. Party hunting is allowed so a group can share bull tags to lower the cost of the hunt, example 2 hunters with 1 bull tag, and one calf tag.  Thousand Lakes Outposts operates a you-drive fully modern tent camp in a high moose population area north of Thunder Bay.

They supply adult validation and a quality heated tent camp with cots, shower and fully equipped kitchen tent on an isolated lake, you supply the exciting hunt! You drive your own vehicle and/or ATV to countless bush roads, cutovers, and thousands of lakes all around the camp. You supply your food, drinks, and gear. Hunt up to 10 days in a vast area with few hunters and a high success rate. Hunt starts late Sept, you pick 10 days.

Contact Info:

Phone: 807-629-1968
Website: https://thousandlakesoutposts.com
Thousand Lakes Outposts Site 13, RR 14, Comp 160 Thunder Bay, Ontario P7B 5E5