The Nipigon Museum’s 50th Anniversary

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August 9th, 2023

Nipigon is a town that lives in the heart of a beautiful and magical piece of Nature. Over the many years this town has been here, many different people and animals have called it home. Each of them has their own story to tell about this magnificent area, and luckily for them, the township of Nipigon has a special place that has nurtured their stories over the past 50 years to ensure they will always live on: and that place is the Nipigon Museum!

The Nipigon Museum has always been a memorable place for the residents of the town. Being one myself, I always loved to go in and learn the stories of people’s families that I’ve grown up with, not to mention the stories of the land itself. That being said, this summer is a particularly memorable one for the Nipigon Museum as it will mark its 50th anniversary of preserving the region’s special and unforgettable history!

What’s So Special About the Museum?

Well, while the museum holds all of Nipigon’s memories and stories, the museum has an incredible story for itself. You see, the current museum sits in downtown Nipigon on the main strip right near the Paddle to the Sea Park. However, that wasn’t always the case. There was another museum, a very old one, that used to sit in the spot now known as the St. Mary’s Anglican Church, in an original building from the first constructions of the town.

The building itself was first built in the year 1905 and was originally used as a Transcontinental Railway Survey Office which turned into Nipigon’s Historical Museum in 1975. It was a very special place as it held many original artifacts from the fur trade, with lots of other unique artifacts donated by locals and their families that have lived here for generations.

Then, in the year 1990, disaster struck when on a cold February night, the Nipigon Historical Museum caught fire. Unfortunately, many of the artifacts had perished in the fire, leaving behind only the charred remains of these historic items. That being said, not all had gone up in flames. There are many artifacts in the current museum that survived the fire. Though they have a scar in the form of burn marks, they are still very much still alive and well for you to see for yourself!

A Sneak Peek at What’s Inside

For a town with a lot of generations behind it like Nipigon, there have been many people that have come and gone as this community continued to grow. Not only does the Nipigon Museum have artifacts and pictures of local residents’ families dating back to the first beginnings, but it also has photos of the evolution of Nipigon, from buildings and businesses that have come and gone, to what it came to be today. Also, just recently, an exciting new addition to the collection was added as the museum received an updated replica of our famous world record brook trout caught way back in the year 1915! Speaking of brand new additions, the museum is also undergoing colorizing their amazing photo collection. It is an incredible sight, I highly recommend going to the museum to check out all of these amazing artifacts for yourself!

Come and See for Yourself!

The Nipigon Historical Museum truly deserves everyone’s attention on this special 50th anniversary. Over the years it has had its ups and downs, but it is a place that works hard to celebrate the incredible town Nipigon has come to be today! Come to downtown Nipigon to learn about the amazing history of this town, its people, and its memories together for their big 50th!