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In Schreiber, the world is at your fingertips. There is always something exciting to do in all four seasons for all ages, both indoors and outdoors. It is impossible to be bored with amenities like these at your doorstep.

Whether you are travelling east or west, a cross-country trip on the TransCanada Highway, will take you along the north shore of Lake Superior. The ribbon of road with its massive rock cuts on one side, and cliffs that drop to the sparking blue waters, far below, are more than reason enough to slow down and take notice.

Schreiber is unique in it’s geography as it is the northernmost point of Lake Superior! Located in the heart of the Canadian Shield, the town is situated at the bottom of a rock bowl, surrounded by higher terrain on the west, north, and east sides while to the south the terrain descends towards Lake Superior.

Aside from the majestic topography that is exemplified throughout the area, Schreiber has a rich cultural heritage. Schreiber’s existence as a community originated in the late 1800s with the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

With such an intriguing history and pristine natural setting, the community of Schreiber welcomes visitor’s to come enjoy the Schreiber Experience!

Contact Info:

Phone: (807) 824-2711 ext. 228
Website: http://www.schreiber.ca/
204 Alberta Street P.O. Box 40 Schreiber, ON P0T 2S0