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Casque Isles Trail

In the early 1970’s, Tom McGrath had a vision. He loved the North Shore of Lake Superior and wanted to share its grandeur with everyone, and became the driving force in creating the Casque Isles Hiking Trail. In 1975-1976 the original Casque Isles Trail was cut out of the forest between Rossport, Schreiber and Terrace Bay. Along the shores of the Big Lake and winding to the heights of the surrounding bluffs, a group of 20 year olds worked diligently under Tom’s leadership to create a recreational nature trail for others to follow and to share in the rugged beauty of the North Shore.

Today the Casque Isles Hiking Club continues to follow this vision. With 11 Access locations and 5 segments spread out over 53 kms, the Casque Isles Trail can be either tackled in its entirety over a few days or hiked in more manageable portions on day hikes, depending on the capabilities and preparation of the hiker. There is truly something for everyone, whether your preference is hiking along the shores of Lake Superior or viewing the vistas from the heights of land. We currently maintain five campsites along the Trail, and users are welcomed to camp at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park at Whitesand Lake.

Far from the large urban centres, our dark night skies will astound those who spend nights along the Trail with glimpses of countless stars, the Milky Way and perhaps even the Northern Lights. The Trail traverses an incredibly diverse landscape, there are mesmerizing vistas of Lake Superior from the lookouts and the massive wave-washed rocks on the shoreline will make a hiker feel insignificant upon viewing the work of the Lake over thousands of years. If you slow down your passage you will experience a diverse environment filled with many types of flowers and fungi, and each patch of vegetation along the shoreline is like a small garden just waiting to be discovered. In the pools on the shoreline you will find schools of minnow, and in the streams and rivers along the way you will find small fingerlings and perhaps a few adult salmon during the spring or fall spawning runs.

The Casque Isles Trail is considered to be difficult, but users shouldn’t be intimidated by that classification. There are many parts that are considered to be moderate, and provide a rest between the technical sections.

The Casque Isles Trail is a member trail of the Voyageur Trail Association (VTA), an organization whose vision is to work with volunteers and partner organizations to build a continuous wilderness-style hiking trail from Sudbury through Sault Ste. Marie to Thunder Bay, a distance of some 1,100 km paralleling the rugged Northern Ontario shores of Lake Huron and Lake Superior. The Casque Isles Trail is also proudly a portion of The Great Trail, the Trans Canada Trail land trail. The entirety of the Casque Isles is also within the boundary of the new Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area (NMCA).

Feel free to use the sign in books along the Trail and let us know what you think of our Trail. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram, and make sure to visit www.hikesuperior.ca to view all of our maps and trail information. We’ll be seeing you on the Trail!

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