Northshore Troutfitters – More than your typical outfitter

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March 23rd, 2022

Superior Country welcomes Northshore Troutfitters to the region as a new partnered business in the region. Located alongside the largest tributary of Lake Superior, this will be their fourth year running but first year on the the social media scene as their official logo has been solidified. Welcoming guests to begin their truly northern adventures! Servicing fully guided multi-species fishing opportunities to a variety of lakes and rivers has been their most popular service, however, they offer an abundant of other experiences. From rugged bush experiences, canoe drop-off and pick-ups, wilderness tours for photography and sightseeing, there is nothing to be missed out on. Most experiences are made for the whole family to enjoy, especially fishing! Superior Country is stupendously happy to have Northshore Troutfitters officially operating for visitors to experience the Nipigon region and all it has to offer.


Northshore Troutfitters services multi-species guiding in various lakes in the Nipigon region to appease any type of angler. Lake Nipigon is the “land of the giants” with four main sportfish species: Lake Trout, Brook Trout, Walleye, and Northern Pike. The lake spans 4,848 km² with depths of up to 540 feet. It’s a no-brainer that trophy sized fish reside throughout the lake. How to get them? Northshore Troutfitters. With a lifetime of experience on the lake, there is bound to be successful fishing trips and lifelong memories made.

Nipigon Bay and the Nipigon River is prime territory for targeting Brook Trout as the river is known for the World Record Brook Trout. They service four plentiful sections of the river and the bay, a new world record can be hooked at anytime. Aside from Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout also call these territories home, come spawning season in the spring they are feisty and put on a great show to catch.

The Nipigon area is a doorstep to hundreds of inland lakes for targeted fishing. When looking for your chance to reel in one after another, there are plenty inland lakes inhabited by various fish species, such as Smallmouth Bass, Perch, Walleye, Northern Pike, and even inland Lake Trout destinations. These smaller inland lakes are perfect for catching an abundance and “eater size” fish. Northshore Troutfitters knows just which lakes have each species and how to keep them biting!

Northshore Troutfitters Wilderness Experiences

Northshore Troutfitters is known to be more than a typical outfitter; they also offer a variety of wilderness experiences for all to enjoy. As a family friendly destination, they have something for everyone to enjoy. Sightsee the Nipigon area through the eyes of a lifelong local who cherishes the one-of-a-kind region he calls home. For the photographer in the family, go to secluded, truly north destinations to find the perfect wildlife models. For the adventurous members, take on a backcountry camping expedition! Discover pristine crownland camping destinations via canoe as they service drop-off and pick-up opportunities. Not sure where crownland is in the region? Rest assured they know the perfect locations to fulfill your desires. For the rugged adventurer, take to the terrain off the beaten path to untouched destinations!

Make your  wilderness dreams come true in the Nipigon area through Northshore Troutfitters. They are your all-in-one outfitter for merely every northern experience. With the determination, work ethic and knowledge put forth by Northshore Troutfitters, Superior Country is delighted to have them operating in the world class outdoors destination they call home. Tourists will leave the area with a new-found (or re-discovered) love and appreciation for the area. Both Northshore Troutfitters and Superior Country expect to continue to see returning tourists and positive reviews of the Nipigon area as a world class touring destination. Start making lifelong memories, friendships, and appreciation for the region through Northshore Troutfitters.