3 Thunder Bay Motorcycle Rides

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December 20th, 2023

Sitting on the crystal clear shores of Lake Superior is the city of Thunder Bay, a motorcycle hotspot for those who love to ride. The area is surrounded by winding roads lined with mountains, forests, and coastline, and there are unforgettable sights and endless open roads for you to explore. But the main attraction? Thunder Bay is the destination of three incredible motorcycle routes that will take you through the region’s most famous sights and windy road adventures. Before you leave, at many locations around the city, there are also service shops to ensure your ride is in top shape. Want to know more? Throttle up and get ready to explore these three Thunder Bay Motorcycle Rides you will never forget!


Waterfall and Scenic Lookout Tour

The first route in Thunder Bay is the Waterfall and Scenic Lookout Tour. Standing at around 115 km (15 miles) long, this route will take you to some of Thunder Bay’s most famous natural wonders. Starting in the city limits, it will take you up and around the perimeter, leading you to Kakabeka Falls, a 40-meter (130-foot) waterfall with a wooden lookout to get the perfect picture. That is just one of many sights you will see on this ride, as you will also be taken to Mount Mckay, where you can bask in the sight from below and take in the view of Thunder Bay from its peak! You can also visit Old Fort William Historical Park, where you can experience Thunder Bay’s rich history.

Ride the Giant

The second route is Ride the Giant, a 175 km (109 miles) tour that takes you through Thunder Bay and outside to explore the famous Sleeping Giant Provincial Park. This route has a few lookouts; the first is right outside the city at the Terry Fox Monument. It is an incredible statue of a beloved Canadian hero and has the best view of the Sleeping Giant in the distance from the balcony! Then, as you approach the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, you can stop and take in the unforgettable view of the Thunder Bay Lookout. This lookout is on a gravel road, so just be sure you’re thinking of that before you go. While you ride down the paved twisty, windy roads of the park, be sure to keep an eye out for the wildlife as they tend to make their way towards the bush line!

While in the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, ride to the harbour to see and visit the historic Silver Islet General Store. This building, built for the first time in 1871, has withstood the test of time. Inside, you can find locally sourced food, clothing, and other souvenirs.

The Nor’Wester Route

The third and longest ride is the Nor’Wester Route. Starting in Thunder Bay, this route is a 555-614 km (344-380 miles) loop that takes you up through the stunning mountains and forestry this region is famous for. You will see many landmarks and natural wonders as this route takes you through Dryden, Vermilion Bay, Kenora, Sioux-Narrows-Nestor, and Fort Frances before leading you back to Thunder Bay. Some sights you can see along the way are the Vermillion Bay Big Foot, Kenora’s Husky the Muskie, the Fort Frances Rainy Lake Mermaid, and the breathtaking nature and sparkling night skies of Quetico Provincial Park.

Time to Ride!

These three Thunder Bay motorcycle rides are the kind you’ll never forget! Between the natural wonders, scenic sights, and miles and miles of open road – can you hear it calling your name? Throttle up!