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Dorion is a small rural community in Northwestern Ontario with a population of 380 people and a land mass of 212 square kilometres. Dorion is located 70 kilometres northeast of Thunder Bay, Ontario on highway 11/17 on the Top of Lake Superior. The Dorion area is rich in natural resources, abundant with tourism and recreational opportunities and offers a high quality of life for residents and visitors in the community.

Dorion offers a delightful blend of natural beauty and outdoor adventures. Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park is a must-visit, where you can explore a 1 km loop trail leading to two beautiful lookouts with stunning canyon views. For thrill-seekers, Eagle Canyon Adventures features suspension bridges and rugged terrain. Don’t miss the Dorion Fish Hatchery, where you can learn about fish incubation and trout spawning. Nature lovers can also explore the serene Hurkett Cove Conservation Area, which provides a mix of nature and wildlife.

Dorion has a rich history and prides itself on the quality of life it has to offer people. Dorion is a great place for people to live, play and visit. Whether you seek adventure or tranquility, Dorion has something to offer! Why Dorion? It all comes down to quality of life!


Contact Info:

Phone: 807-857-2289
Website: https://doriontownship.ca/
170 Dorion Loop Road Dorion, ON P0T 1K0